Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"We're on a role"

We just got word that the line is completed and apparently looks awsome but don't take my word for Mark Tuttle the brands manager had the following to say
Hey gang,

I just wanted to pop in quick and tell you some cool things.

We're just starting to see some of the packaging for Halo ActionClix and we have recently seen the entire set painted. All of it looks just cooler than you can imagine. I'm a big Halo fan so I might be biased, but this is good stuff.

Also, you're going to see a much different product mix than with our other Clix lines. There's just so much good stuff there and it's hard to contain it in a small package.

Very soon, you'll probably hear something about the first Halo piece you'll be able to see. Just keep watching! It's going to be an amazing Autumn around WizKids.


Mark Tuttle

so what do you think I think the Halo Actionclix has alot of potential

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